How To Order

How To Order

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Today we are keeping it simple and walking you through how to properly go about ordering our mantel brackets.

To begin, you must already have your mantel or shelf, otherwise you will not know the proper size to order. 

After browsing our various styles and choosing the style you would like to purchase, you should pick the width you would like your brackets to be. For your convenience we have broken out the various styles by width in our shop but, if you do not see the style you would like within the width category you can always hit the “Ask a question” button to request a custom order.  

When it comes to knowing the dimensions of the bracket you need the first dimension listed is the depth of the shelf and the second dimension is the wall mount leg. Therefore if your shelf/mantel is 8” deep you will need an 8” x say 10” bracket. The 10” piece is the portion of the bracket that is mounted into the wall. All of the dimensions we offer are based on standard sizes we see but, if your bracket differs from the sizes offered you can once again hit the “Ask a question” button to order a custom size or, order the size closest to your proper size and add a note to your order containing the proper size needed. 

On the brackets with a lip, our standard lip size is 4” tall. Let us know if you would like a higher or shorter lip. 

Note that our mantel brackets and all other pieces are sold individually. Due to the fact that we do not know the size of your project we do not sell our pieces in sets so that odd numbers can be ordererd. Therefore  you must increase the quantity when ordering to have the proper amount needed for your project. 

We hope that this information helped with any questions you may have about ordering products from our shop. 

Tyler and Kristy

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